For businesses such as restaurants, offices, coffee bars and beyond, Miami offers a great deal in the way of fresh, locally roasted coffee from around the world. Here are four solid choices for businesses of all sizes looking for unique brews and wholesale opportunities in the Miami area.

Eternity Coffee Roasters

  • 117 SE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33131
  • (305) 350-7761
  • Eternity Coffee Roasters offers single-origin coffees from Columbia and around the globe. It works closely with its wholesale customers in sourcing green beans and selecting roast profiles, and provides barista training and education in brewing techniques.


Kana Cuban Coffee Roasters

  • 1909 Banks Rd., Margate, FL 33073
  • (954) 933-9742
  • Kana Cuban Coffee Roasters uses a traditional Cuban roasting style which results in dark roasts without bitterness or a burnt aftertaste. It offers a subscription delivery service and wholesale options.


Panther Coffee

  • Multiple Locations
  • (3050 677-3952
  • Panther Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that specializes in small-batch roasting methods and has won several awards. Wholesale options are available.


Pasion Del Cielo Coffee

  • Multiple Locations
  • (305) 470-2244
  • Pasion Del Cielo Coffee sources beans from locales throughout the Western Hemisphere and keeps each separate to maintain its unique flavor. Customers can purchase their coffees online or at one of their south Florida locations.